Erasmus+ Key Action 1 International Project at Campsbourne

Erasmus+ Key Action 1 International Project at Campsbourne

Through the Erasmus+ Project Campsbourne is working in partnership with Colegio Abaco in Madrid. We are trying to raise competencies in Spanish language learning and the CLIL teaching approach. CLIL stands for Content and Language Integrated Learning and refers to teaching subjects such as Science, History and Geography through a foreign language. At Campsbourne we facilitate the use of Spanish in Science and Geography lessons where appropriate.

We started our adventure with Erasmus+ in September 2015. So far, five teachers and three support staff members visited our partner school in Madrid. They took part in many educational and cultural activities as well as a 5-day intensive Spanish language course. Campsbourne teachers prepared lessons and cross-curricular activities and shared their knowledge with teachers and pupils at Colegio Abaco. For instance, Miss Gabruk and Ms Whight taught Science and Maths in year 5 whereas Mr Mattocks and James took on a task of teaching cricket to Year6 pupils. Wendy, on the other hand, had a lot of fun during her inspirational circle time session and Miss Pat, Christina and Stephanie won the hearts of younger pupils through their lovely reading sessions.

Teachers from both schools have learnt a lot during the last 15 months of the Erasmus+ enterprise and formed lasting friendships. Colegio Abaco is a bilingual school where every subject is taught in Spanish AND English! Teachers at Campsbourne have been trying to incorporate Spanish vocabulary in some of the Science and Geography lessons as well. Our displays have become more multilingual and students show greater motivation when approaching new topics. Moreover, all year groups thoroughly enjoyed our mini-projects carried out within Erasmus+: letter writing sessions, making mosaics and scrapbooks about our local area or PowerPoints about the school. In addition, celebrations like Christmas projects and International Day of Languages make our days at Campsbourne fun and the learning worthwhile.

Without doubt, Erasmus+ proved to be extremely beneficial for school’s teaching practice. Teachers became more aware of the importance of the International Dimension of learning as well as more empathetic towards the needs of students.

Erasmus+ truly is a remarkable project. It opened the door to new opportunities and broadened the horizons for many of us. We love seeing our pupils motivated, enthusiastic about learning and open to other cultures and languages. We teach not only Maths, Science or Spanish; we teach tolerance, entrepreneurship and intercultural communication… And this is just the beginning. There is more to come next year!